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If You DON’T Like It, Put a Ring On It: Why ‘Islamic’ Relationship Advice Is Rubbish

Oh gosh! It looks like it was a lot easier for the Muslims in my day! I do hop this chap is wrong! There is a growing and lucrative industry which has developed around ‘Muslim Marriages’ and relationships. We have had everything from BBC documentaries about … Continue reading

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Mass Media Memes

Although many atheists rightly find Richard Dawkins and his agnostic Jehovah’s Witness act nauseating, (much as most Catholics found the last Pope an embarrassment, but hey, wha’cha gonna do?), he has blessed us with the marvellous concept of the ‘meme’ (although … Continue reading

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Al Ghazzali Chastises Those Who Worship a Body

Al Ghazzali explains how narrations and ayats which may appear to have corporeal interpretation are to be handled. His warning to those who stray into anthropomorphism is dire indeed… ‘Likewise, these literal indications that give a false impression have been deflected from … Continue reading

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