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Intellectual Multiple Personality Disorder

First of all, why is this not called ‘Intellectual Schizophrenia’?  People often misuse the word ‘schizophrenia’ when they in fact mean ‘multiple personality’: the former is characterised by a set of symptoms including auditory hallucinations, delusions and disordered thought. It has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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False Salafism: From Catechism to Cataclysm

Abdal Hakim Murad aka Tim Winter My confused awakening has been made all the more traumatic by the seeming absence of authentic scholars of Islam. All I find is people parroting the post modernism of the West in marginally Islamic garb and … Continue reading

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What Tolerance Isn’t

What a tolerant chap! He’s doing that girl a real favour by putting up with her! My, what an angry fellow! I must say, I was dismayed to see the descendants of so many former subjects of the Ottoman Empire … Continue reading

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Sufi Advice

Sidi Ahmed Al Zarruq (d.1492) He speaks as the Sufi masters of old…a tongue which no-one seems to understand today… ”Beware of being too harsh on your soul before you have gained mastery over it. But also beware of being … Continue reading

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iERA: Too Big To Fail?

The Sultan’s Jester is very sad to see the call to Islam, which must be carried out with wisdom and beautiful manners, being treated as a playground for sectarianism and absurd behaviour. The Jester recently allowed me to post an article here … Continue reading

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Who Do IERA Think They Are?

By now many people will be aware of the unfortunate controversy surrounding the latest IERA ‘Big Debate’ at which their workhorse and front-man Hamza Tzortzis debated celebrity atheist Professor Lawrence Krauss. The event has become notorious for a ‘gender segregation’ controversy, as Krauss stormed out, refusing … Continue reading

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Al Ghazzali On Science & Philosophy

When I began my long and unfortunate sleep, the Muslims had already fallen far behind in the physical and theoretical sciences and had been struggling terribly to catch up. I had hoped, upon learning that I had slumbered so long that this project would have … Continue reading

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