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Behave Yourselves! The Crimes Of Tim Winter And The ‘New Atheists’ Compared

Stalwart of traditional Islam and Cambridge University professor Tim Winter, has recently come under a barrage of criticism for comments he made about the undesirability of homosexuality many years ago before taking up his post. Liberals and Gay rights campaigners have expressed horror … Continue reading

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If You DON’T Like It, Put a Ring On It: Why ‘Islamic’ Relationship Advice Is Rubbish

Oh gosh! It looks like it was a lot easier for the Muslims in my day! I do hop this chap is wrong! There is a growing and lucrative industry which has developed around ‘Muslim Marriages’ and relationships. We have had everything from BBC documentaries about … Continue reading

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Mass Media Memes

Although many atheists rightly find Richard Dawkins and his agnostic Jehovah’s Witness act nauseating, (much as most Catholics found the last Pope an embarrassment, but hey, wha’cha gonna do?), he has blessed us with the marvellous concept of the ‘meme’ (although … Continue reading

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Al Ghazzali Chastises Those Who Worship a Body

Al Ghazzali explains how narrations and ayats which may appear to have corporeal interpretation are to be handled. His warning to those who stray into anthropomorphism is dire indeed… ‘Likewise, these literal indications that give a false impression have been deflected from … Continue reading

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Intellectual Multiple Personality Disorder

First of all, why is this not called ‘Intellectual Schizophrenia’?  People often misuse the word ‘schizophrenia’ when they in fact mean ‘multiple personality’: the former is characterised by a set of symptoms including auditory hallucinations, delusions and disordered thought. It has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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False Salafism: From Catechism to Cataclysm

Abdal Hakim Murad aka Tim Winter My confused awakening has been made all the more traumatic by the seeming absence of authentic scholars of Islam. All I find is people parroting the post modernism of the West in marginally Islamic garb and … Continue reading

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What Tolerance Isn’t

What a tolerant chap! He’s doing that girl a real favour by putting up with her! My, what an angry fellow! I must say, I was dismayed to see the descendants of so many former subjects of the Ottoman Empire … Continue reading

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Sufi Advice

Sidi Ahmed Al Zarruq (d.1492) He speaks as the Sufi masters of old…a tongue which no-one seems to understand today… ”Beware of being too harsh on your soul before you have gained mastery over it. But also beware of being … Continue reading

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iERA: Too Big To Fail?

The Sultan’s Jester is very sad to see the call to Islam, which must be carried out with wisdom and beautiful manners, being treated as a playground for sectarianism and absurd behaviour. The Jester recently allowed me to post an article here … Continue reading

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Who Do IERA Think They Are?

By now many people will be aware of the unfortunate controversy surrounding the latest IERA ‘Big Debate’ at which their workhorse and front-man Hamza Tzortzis debated celebrity atheist Professor Lawrence Krauss. The event has become notorious for a ‘gender segregation’ controversy, as Krauss stormed out, refusing … Continue reading

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