The Earth And The Angel Of Death

It warms my heart that the Bosniaks are still the voice of Islam and Sufism, just as they were in my days during the twilight of the Caliphate. I read this scholars book, ‘Essay on Behalf Of Bosnia’ and lamented that such erudite scholarship, such beautiful prose, is ignored by the Muslims of today.

His pain gives him his voice just as the Jesters misery is his mirth. And to the one-eyed, whose inner eye is blind, this will always be a mystery.

‘When God wanted to create man he sent to Earth and angel Gabriel to bring back some earthly dust. Earth, however, prevented Gabriel from taking the dust, for fear that this newly created being would spill blood and cause disorder. When Gabriel returned without having done the job, God sent successively the angel Michael and angel Israfil to get some soil from Earth. But Earth refused them as well, explaining that it was because of her fear of that new being. Finally, God Almighty sent the angel of death, the malak who takes the soul in the moment of death, Azrail. He took from the Earth several measures of earthly dust and mud telling the Earth: Divine order is older than your fear.

And what I take from you  Earth, I shall give back to you at the moment of man’s death. Is there a death that does not give back to the Earth what belongs to her?’

– Enis Karic, Dijalog, Sarajevo, 1997.

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